In order to endow your company with antifragility, LÜDERSPARTNER GMBH employs a specially-developed methodology known as “ATHENA”. This is a three-stage consultancy concept which involves and implements all the basic aspects of holistic consultancy.

The reason for using the ATHENA method must always arise from the realisation by the individuals and decision-makers who are most relevant for the system, that co-workers involved in the existing organisational structures, the agreed processes and in particular their behavioural pattern  are not, or are no longer, capable of meeting future challenges.

Phase I – Analysis:

Within the framework of workshops or team meetings, and in accordance with the project design, subject to the guidance by LÜDERSPARTNER consultants, an investigation is made as to what possible resistance, conflicts or anxieties may exist in co-workers or groups, that could render collaboration difficult or even impossible, thus preventing  further productive development in the overall system.

Phase II – Synthesis:

Based on the findings obtained in Phase I, the next stage is to reduce the subconscious fears of the participants, to deal with the conflicts and potential conflicts, to eliminate blockages and to identify and to agree with such significant individuals new methods and behavioural patterns for building up a new culture. These internal agreements describe practical options for or changes in activities against a clearly-defined timeline, and always with the aim of ANTIFRAGILITY.

Phase III – Sustainability:

Since the newly-agreed structures and behavioural patterns need to facilitate a sustainable change in the system, it is necessary that a certain period of time should elapse so that a sufficient number of events and situatations can arise within the organisation, in which the individuals involved have an opportunity for making changes or gathering new experience.

In subsequently-held follow-up workshops and process steps, these experiences are shared between the participants and analysed from the viewpoint of constancy and effectiveness. Subsequently, decisions may be made concerning any measures that may be additionally necessary if it has not hitherto been possible to achieve with such significant individuals, whether wholly or in part.

By using the ATHENA method, we can assure you that the jointly defined situation will be achieved, and we are even prepared to have our performance measured. For this purpose we use the Business IMPACT system, which thus enables us to reliably demonstrate our contribution.