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Visit the joint academy of pioneer Gerd F. Müller (MFK) and the systemic consulting company LüdersPartner and benefit from years of experience in the theory and practice of systemic consulting.

Agilität ist die dominante Forderung unserer Zeit, die aber nicht selten als reine Geschwindigkeitssteigerung missverstanden wird.

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Implementing Agility

Agility is the dominant requirement for our times, although it is often misunderstood as a mere increase in speed. In start-ups it is used to revolutionise the methods for achieving future work.

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Management for Medicine

Work and co-operation in hospitals is organised in a highly complex manner. The high degree of individualisation of tasks and fast-changing conditions of work require organisational supervision and agile reactions.

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For us, future-proofing means working with you today to build up a shared view of your future success factors. Action, not reaction: creation, not administration. And always based on our philosophy of effective consultancy.

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Trust is our capital

Increase the productivity of an entire product line

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Satisfied customers
High performance teams cultured
Agile teams able to work
individual projects

Success characterizes us

You are a purchaser of consultancy services. And naturally you expect your required goal to be achieved. It is not important what specifically caused you to employ consultants – you want them to bring about a change.

Effective consultancy

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LüdersPartner GmbH is a leading management consultancy and specialises in person-centred consultancy. We support companies through their most significant change processes.

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