In every company and every organisation it is people who provide the basis for effectiveness and efficiency. On the one hand, the world of work creates systems in which people need to “operate”.

On the other hand, it is well known that only employees who are in balance with themselves and their working environment, and are largely satisfied with them, can perform really well. This satisfaction depends on numerous personal and external factors, which can be addressed through coaching.

We offer coaching for key performers at all levels, from the Board through to first-level office staff. We support employees in matters of their personal advancement and career planning, through changes in management positions (coaching for role change) and can work on any disturbances in the so-called work-life balance.

Our ethical understanding of coaching means that we act strictly in the interests of the coachees, by supporting  them in the development of their personality – but also in working with the individual  to sound out his/her boundaries. Of course, we also act in the interests of your company by bringing about a permanent improvement in the management competence and the employee’s desire to perform.  And we work to achieve specific results by defining goals for the coaching within a specified timeframe.

Depending on the topics and on the rate of progress achieved, five to eight sessions are usually arranged, each lasting around three hours, at intervals of at least three weeks. These time periods are established in such a way that the client can gradually build up experience with the intended long-term changes in thought processes and behavioural patterns. In individual cases, such as when vigorous changes are occurring in the environment of the coachee, shorter intervals may be appropriate.

Please note: If you give us the task of coaching any of your employees, we normally hold a “trialogue” at the beginning of the process. This is a moderated introductory discussion, in which the coachee and the manager responsible set out their goals and mutual expectations.