We work closely with people. And we are aware of the motivations that drive them – their own values.

Since it is necessary to work in this process with great care, relative openness and with a certain degree of frankness, the workshops and individual stages we have envisaged do not correspond to any simple norm, but the design is always specifically adapted to suit the people involved, and also strictly to reflect the initial goals that were jointly defined for the overall system. 

In this respect we take into account the basic principle or rule in social psychology: that systems interact with systems. Thus we ensure that, in the event of relevant potentials for resistance arising from individuals involved in the process, or in the event of controversies or conflict arising between the participants, these are not suppressed or ignored by the consultant, but are given a suitable space and framework in which the problems can be dealt with in an appropriate and highly effective manner. This is because, particularly with decision processes extending far into the future, or with the initiation of changes in  personal behavioural patterns of the participants, it is our experience that hidden resistances and conflicts among the participants frequently constitute reasons why such measures later lose their coherence and become relatively ineffectual for the implementation or establishment of antifragile conditions. 

In this context, we pay particular attention to the view that people are not motivated by goals, but by values. Our attitude towards the participants in the process is therefore characterised at once by respect and appreciation, and by our knowledge of the relationships between these values and the relevant goals. In addition, there is a completion of the so-called “cybernetic triangle” through the view of the problem by the individual. The background to this is that when a value, a goal and a problem exist at the same time, these three planes will determine the behavioural patterns of an individual from case to case. 

In order to carry out the necessary changes to such behavioural patterns, we try to make this transparent in our work. In particular, that is also because people tend not to see any relationship between external problems and their inner selves. However, a specific problem defined in this way can also have a function for an individual. In fact, such an external problem enables people to avoid making any necessary changes on a personal or a company level. However, that jeopardises the goal of ANTIFRAGILITY.

Zur notwendigen Veränderung dieser Handlungsmuster versuchen wir in unserer Arbeit genau dies transparent zu machen. Insbesondere auch, da Menschen dazu neigen, die Probleme im Außen nicht mit sich selbst in Zusammenhang zu bringen. Jedoch hat ein so definiertes spezifisches Problem auch eine Funktion für den Einzelnen. Dieses hilft nämlich, notwendigen Veränderungen auf persönlicher wie unternehmerischer Ebene auszuweichen. Doch damit wird das Ziel der ANTIFRAGILITÄT gefährdet.