For companies to secure their future viability and success, it is on the one hand vital that they adapt to the constantly-changing conditions of their environment. However, on the other hand, they must be able to proactively shape such conditions – all too often regarded as “fixed”.  

Obviously, established organisations have been very good at managing this difficult adaptation. Otherwise, de facto, they would no longer exist.

But at some point it usually emerges that the difficulties in adapting become ever greater. Frequently the hidden background to this is that working practices of departments, teams and even the employees themselves that were previously logical and successful, are no longer ideal for the modified environment, or indeed may no longer be appropriate.

For this purpose, we have developed a process  that enables us to check with you how the work of such groups has been  successful in the past, and whether their behavioural patterns are appropriate for meeting future challenges. Or whether these need consciously to be adapted for the benefit of the company.

In such cases it is normal that, when there is an intention for changing well-established routines, some resistance can be observed from the people involved.

However, we ensure that such inhibitions and obstacles do not halt progress, but are reduced. They give way to constructive actions. If necessary, it may emerge that a particular team or group needs to be restructured from a personnel point of view so as to be better prepared for the future.

With the experience of many years’ successful work, we can assure you that employees who take part in this process subsequently recognise these  future changes as necessary, and normally see they are worthwhile – and that their attitude brings measurable success.