The demands placed on management are becoming ever more complex. At the same time, it can be observed that the managers who are currently responsible tend to be less capable of facing up to them.

It is not only the different crises in recent years that have shown that yesterday’s patterns of thought and action are unlikely to bring success. Disruption, digitalisation and “Industry 4.0” [The strategic initiative for “smart manufacturing solutions”] are only a few of the current buzzwords. What we need is men and women who, as managers, are capable of exploiting these trends profitably and successfully on behalf of their companies. And who, ideally, are also able to become trendsetters in their own right. 

For this we have developed a very specific selection process, extending from the initial approach through to the selection and induction of potentially suitable candidates.

Through this we ensure a continuous, high-quality recruiting approach that  clearly stands out from the usual offers on the market.

Initially we work together with you to produce a requirements profile for the role to be filled. We can either produce the profile immediately from our pool of management roles, or we can employ an external screening method. Then, the candidates carry out the CAPTain-Test for managers, followed by selection interviews focussing on both professional and personal aspects. Finally, we produce one individual file per candidate and support you in your final decision.

In addition to discretion and expertise, one further exclusive element ensures that when you select the candidates, you will have a high probability of identifying the right one. This is achieved through our “Role Change Coaching”: A coaching for the new manager aimed at guiding him or her into the new job – for the success of your enterprise.