LüdersPartner GmbH is a leading management consultancy and specialises in person-centred consultancy. We support companies through their most significant change processes. In collaboration with our clients we strive to increase the management performance and co-operation of all employees, in order to achieve a clear competitive advantage.

We work with clients from all sectors: major groups operating internationally, successful medium-sized companies, start-ups and non-profit organisations.

Our work is people-centred. We know the source of their motivation: their personal values. 

Joining LüdersPartner sets the start toward a remarkable career. We are looking for men and women from all disciplines, who have relevant professional experience and who, as top-level consultants, share with us our passion for entrepreneurial thought and action to produce tangible results.

Consultancy training with LüdersPartner

During your training as a consultant with LüdersPartner, you will become acquainted with our company culture and will be introduced to our working methods. We will prepare you for future client situations via practical activities and will share with you our consultancy approach.

You will be prepared for your collaboration with LüdersPartner through five Workshops. In them, you will learn about the theoretical background to systemic consultancy, and how to produce an individual workshop design for a practically-orientated client assignment.

Once you have successfully completed your training, you will be ready for your first assignment with a client. You will be capable of working in a LüdersPartner consultancy team in a professional and client-centred manner. You will be starting on your first consultancy task: the beginning of your career with LüdersPartner.

What do you have to contribute?

  • University studies completed with very good grades, preferably supplemented by a doctorate or an MBA
  • At least five years’ experience in business consultancy or in an industrial
  • Very good knowledge of English and a high degree of mobility
  • Team spirit, ability to work under pressure, power to inspire others
  • Entrepreneurial thought and action and strong leadership qualities
  • Ability to communicate enthusiasm, unconventional ideas and a sense of humour

We offer you

Module I: Theoretical background to systemic consultancy

In this module we work systematically with the participants through the theoretical background to consultancy activities that determine our actions. This covers the following 5 topics:

  • Development of the mind and personality of the individual
  • Basic concepts in developmental psychology
  • Principles of systemic consultancy
  • Basic attitudes for a systemic approach
Module II: Person-centred consultancy and influencing people
  • Models for systemic intervention
  • Creation of a framework for an activity/workshop through explanation and agreement
  • Cognitive safeguarding of the consultancy process through inputs
  • Simulations of workshop situations
Module III: One’s own personality as a tool for consultancy and management
  • The personality of the consultant
  • Characterisation through tests
  • Perceptions of others
  • The stabilising function of the process consultant
Module IV: Developing confidence when presenting to small and large groups
  • Person-centred work in workshops and seminars
  • From participant to co-creator of a workshop
  • The LP Module as an explanation and a recommendation for solutions
  • Consultant or Trainer
Module V: From the client’s order through one’s own message to the workshop-design
  • The construction of a shared reality against the background of the symptoms reported by the client
  • From analysis of the client to the offer
  • Design of a workshop/workshop series

At the end of the training there will be a collective review of the consultancy training.


The beginning of a new training program is planned for the 1st half-year 2018.

Booking + Contact

In order to book, please send an email to Mrs Gabriele Walter: gabriele.walter@lueders-partner.de